Meet Kamilla

Kamilla Ingibergsdóttir is a sound healer, sound practitioner and Yoga teacher. She has spent the last decade immersed in self-healing, meditation and yoga and is forever a seeker.

Kamilla is certified in:
-Sound healing and sound therapy from The Sound Healing Center in San Francisco, USA
-200 hr Yoga teacher training from Jógastúdíó in Reykjavík, Iceland
-Yoga nidra teacher training with Matsyendra Saraswati
-Reiki I and II attunement from The Ananda Healing Center in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
-Astrology levels I and II with Danielle Paige
-Crystal healing with Merrill Storm and Tania Magdalene

She has also participated in numerous courses to deepen her understanding of sound healing, energy work, Yoga, and various types of healing modalities. Those include Pranayama courses at Las Pirámides del Ka in Guatemala and with Francois Raoult at Open Sky Yoga in New York, Yoga workshops with Michael Amy, Yoga teacher and physiotherapist, and training with gong masters Don Conreaux and Aidan McIntyre.

Kamilla splits her time between Reykjavík and Berlin and has recently acquainted herself with sound engineering to integrate the worlds of audio recording, sound healing and meditation.

In early 2017 Kamilla began importing “ceremonial” cacao from Guatemala to Iceland and has since then incorporated cacao in many aspects of her professional and personal work, including cacao rituals, cacao meditation sessions, sound baths with cacao and Yoga nidra with cacao to name a few. With each session the focus is on deep relaxation, sound healing, energy work, pranayama, and ways to increase stillness of the mind and inner peace. Through the years Kamilla has offered private sessions, group sessions and Yoga and meditations retreats in Iceland, Guatemala and Germany. She uses crystal alchemy singing bowls, gongs, and other instruments in her work since music and sound has always served as her best personal medicine. Kamilla works both in physical spaces and online digital spaces as energy transcends time and space.

Before going down this path of inner work and healing Kamilla had a successful career in the music industry working for Iceland Music Export, the Iceland Airwaves music festival and Of Monsters and Men. She also worked in the NGO sector for the Icelandic Red Cross and the Intercultural Center in Reykjavík, Iceland. She holds a BA degree in Anthropology and Communications, a diploma in journalism and is a Kaospilot, which focuses on training change makers for the world through creative projects, processes and business design. All this has helped shape Kamilla into the person and teacher she is today. Her goal is to bring alignment, calm, joy, and clarity into the lives of those she works with.